Mission and Vision



Mission: To Form Minds and Hearts

Sedes Sapientiae School’s mission is to produce graduates formed by the greatest thinkers of Catholic and western civilization.

Sedes Sapientiae School aims not only at endowing students with the skills necessary for successful studies in excellent colleges, but also at producing life-long learners that have a solid foundation for a lifetime of intellectual and spiritual growth. The school thereby fosters the development of students as witnesses of eternal Truth.

Wisdom being the most important preparation for college and for life, our school is named in Latin for Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, under whose patronage we seek to foster wisdom in our students.

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Vision: Graduates Ready for Everything Life Brings Them

As Grace perfects Nature, so has the Catholic Church perfected human culture, giving rise to a genuine Catholic Culture. Sedes Saptientiae School is privileged to partake in the formation of students within Catholic Culture, through which students develop tastes, habits, and skills as they learn.

Liturgical prayer, curricular materials, the physical environment, music, art, and athletics are opportunities for developing the desire for the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. Sedes Sapientiae School will help students develop taste for the best in life — truth, nobility, rectitude, and purity.

At Sedes Sapientiae School, our focus is to form life-long learning by providing the foundations for a lifetime of growth. Education aims at developing the proper habits of mind: wonder, inquiry, diligence, study, discussion, clarity, respect, and responsibility — habits necessary for success at college, at work, and at life.

Fundamental skills are necessarily sharpened through the study of the Liberal Arts. Honing skills enables the students to learn from the great authors whose ideas have formed our Civilization and to face with confidence the important issues of today and tomorrow. We foster attentiveness to texts, critical thinking, speaking, writing, performing, and problem solving – logic, grammar, rhetoric, arithmetic, and more — skills for college and careers of all kinds.



Classical Curriculum

Developed during the Renaissance in light of centuries of experience, the Classical Curriculum forms the “Renaissance Man” — a person with broad, liberating interests and knowledge.
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Schola Cantorum and Drama

Choir and drama are an intrinsic part of our curriculum. All of our students learn the skills related to musical and dramatic performances, as well as collaboration and self-confidence.

Reading List

Our primary teachers are the greatest authors and thinkers of Western and Catholic culture. Our faculty perform as tutors, guiding students through the timeless wisdom of the ages.
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Our Faculty and Board

Our highly qualified faculty and distinguished board members are committed to our mission.
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Accreditation and Distinctions

We are accredited by NAPCIS and are a member of ICLE. We are also the only NJ test center for the CLT.
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Experience the richness and wisdom of a Classical Education faithful to the academic, theological, and spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church.


Sedes Sapientiae School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, financial aid programs, and athletic or any other school-administered programs.